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Fun Family Dining in Red Deer

Not too heavy, and not too light – our children’s menu options are just right for your little prince or princess. Bring your entire family down to our restaurant for a delicious, filling meal that won’t break the bank. After all, everybody’s a Burger Boy or Burger Girl at heart!

Having trouble getting your kids to eat their daily fill of greens? Our salads are so fresh and tasty, your tiny tots won’t mind eating healthy.

retro girl looking down

Kid’s Choices

Junior Boy – $4.19

Jr. Boy Pack (includes fries and drink) – $7.14

Jr. Nuggets (includes fries and drink) – $7.14

*All prices do not include tax

burger boy kids


Find great food at Burger Boy, the burger and shake emporium.


Our menu contains many options to satisfy your chicken craving.

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